Department of Internal Medicine 3


Department of Internal Medicine №3 was organized 30. 06. 2011 year according to the decision of the Academic Council and rector of Ternopil State Medical University named by I.Ya. Horbachevskiy № 529 by the way of reorganization of the department of Internal Medicine.

The head of the department is professor Martynyuk L.P.. The latest medical achievements in pulmonological and nephrological sciences which are based on the principles of evidence-based medicine and protocols are developed and implemented in the educational and medical process under her leadership. She is the author of more then 300 scientific works and methodological instructions, 12 work programs for students of I-IV accreditation level. She is contributing author of study guide “Care for the patients at home”, “Family Medicine” and “Emergency conditions in the clinic of Internal Medicine”.

At first in Ukraine Martyniuk LP commits the major work in studying of mineral substances exchange and bone metabolism in patients with chronic kidney disease.

There are four associates professors who work in the department : Hrymalyuk NV Bondar LP, Nasalyk BG, Palamar T.O., Boyko TV, Tsybulskaya LS, Ruzhytska OO, 2 assistants: Yakubyshyna IG, Vons LZ , 1 laboratory assistant Yurkovskaya ME

The staff of the department has edited the textbook "The basic of Internal Medicine" for students of IV-V courses of the higher medical establishment of IV level of accreditation.

The main aspects of scientific activity are nephrology and pulmonology. The spirit of creativity exists in the department, the experience and traditions are inherited, and the main characteristic is the consequence of generations.

Educational Work

For the fifth and sixth-year students of the medical faculty, teaching at the department is in Ukrainian. Fifth-year students are taught “Basics of Internal Medicine (Cardiology, Rheumatology, Nephrology, and Military Medicine)” and “Occupational Diseases”; six-year students are taught the course of Internal Medicine.

The department web page, expounding the matter for the practical training of fifth and sixth-year students in cycle sequence (cardiology, pulmonology, occupational diseases, gastroenterology, endocrinology, rheumatology, nephrology, haematology, occupational diseases), has been formed in the University site. 10500 situation and test tasks have been developed for the current test checking of students’ knowledge. The lecturers of the department have developed 9850 test and situation tasks including 1200 illustrated tests for conducting examinations in Internal Medicine and Occupational Diseases for fifth and sixth-year students. Every year, the lecturers of the department develop Krok-2 (Step-2) system test tasks for the All-Ukrainian testing centre. The lecturers of the department are actively involved in the organization and holding of practically oriented exams (OSCE) for fifth and sixth-year students.

The students' study group operates successfully at the department. The members have been repeated prize winners of All-Ukrainian competitions and conferences of young scientists. With the cooperation of the Internal Medicine № 1 Department, we had issued a manual “Internal Medicine” for fourth- fifth and sixth-year students that was recommended by the Central Educational Methodist Office of the Ministry of Public Health as a tutorial for the auditorium work of students in higher medical educational institutions of III-IV accreditation level.

Scientific Activity

The major areas of interest of the 3rd Internal Medicine Department's staff comprise nephrology, cardiology, rheumatology and endocrinology, in particular, the issues relevant to chronic kidney disease, arterial hypertension, coronary artery disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes mellitus. The latest evidence-based nephrological, cardiological, rheumatological and endocrinological guidelines are being implemented into practice.

During the last years, the Department's staff has been involved in a complex interdisciplinary research «Secondary osteoporosis: a study of correlations between the degree of organ and system dysfunction, methods of treatment, and timing of mineral bone loss. Development of programs for prevention and management». This ongoing study has identified novel risk factors of bone mineral density reduction in various medical, neurologic and psychiatric disorders. Textbooks «Patient care in outpatient setting», «Family medicine» and «Emergencies in medicine» have been co-authored. A large-scale study on mineral and bone tissue metabolism in chronic kidney disease is being performed.

It is developed clear clinical densitometric and laboratory criteria for conducting integrated medical activities with the use of products for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis and dysfunction of organs and systems in the therapeutic and neurological disorders. According to research, it was published 68 publications, 23 of them in specialized professional editions, 3 newsletters, 60 implementation acts were received.

Since 2010 to 2015 the department carries out scientific-research work "The role of disorders of nephro-endocrine and immune interactions and the development of methods of their correction in patients with secondary osteoporosis". It has become a tradition to carry out annual scientific-practical conference "Achievements and prospects of internal medicine" by employees of the department, in which scientists share their latest diagnostic and therapeutic developments with doctors of practical medicine.

It was presented 1 thesis on "Efficiency of complex treatment of mineral metabolism disorders and bone remodelling in patients with chronic kidney disease" (Ruzhytska O.O.). Two more theses are processing.